Air Asia Promo Fare Tickets for June to October 2014


One of the best reasons to fly during the rainy months is that these months holds some of the best priced tickets for domestic and international destinations. What’e ever better is that you can book some of these cheap airline tickets as early as February, just like in this latest Air Asia Zest promo for the months of June, July, August, September and October 2014.

Base Fare for these tickets are only sold for only 88 Pesos per way. An all in ticket from Manila to a domestic destination say, Cebu, can only cost you 638 Pesos.

Air Asia Zest promo fare 2014


Destinations for this promo includes flight to and from Manila via:

  • Tacloban
  • Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan
  • Davao
  • Kalibo
  • Cebu
  • Tagbilaran, Bohol

Also part of the promo are Air Asia International Flights to Shanghai China , Seoul South Korea, Macau and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Miri).

Included also are Air Asia Zest flights to and from Cebu, the airlines 2nd hub in the Philippines.

Air Asia promo fare tickets are now available and will be sold until February 9, 2014 only. These tickets are available in all Air Asia offices and ticketing outlets. You can also book at their booking website at

Tickets are valid for travel from June 15 up to October 30, 2014.

To get a sample ticket showing the ALL IN price of ticket, kindly see picture below:

Air Asia Promo Fare Ticket 2014


 Notice that the BASE FARE of the ticket is only 88 pesos. When booking online, you can book domestic tickets promo tickets that has a price of 638 pesos. These tickets are the 88 pesos base fare ticket with all the taxes and fees like fuel surcharge, terminal fee and taxes already included.

The 280 pesos charge or the Check In baggage service is optional and you can choose whether to avail this or not.

For international tickets, you can book a single plane ticket at a price range of 668 pesos up to 2188 pesos all in.

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