Air Asia Zest’s Must Try On Board “HOT MEALS” and More


Eating good and hearty meals are part of the full travel experience. And if you want to get some of the best authentic Asian food while flying, then you better get some ” Hot Meals” from Air Asia Zest.

Air Asia Zest offers some of the most popular Asian dishes called HOT MEALS to satisfy your cravings.

Air Asia Zest’s Hot Meals

They offer CHICKEN ADOBO ala Mariles for those who want to have taste one of the most popular Filipino dishes. ┬áThis is also great for Pinoys, specially those OFW’s who were assigned abroad for a long period of time, to once again have a taste of home even if they are still flying. Why wait for your flight to end and reach home to sample your favorite Lutong Bahay while you can get it on the plane already? This one is really a must try!!!

Air Asia Zest also offers Singapore’s number one street hawker ‘s food, the CHICKEN RICE. This rice meal is one of the must try dishes when in Singapore. The airline’s version of the chicken rice is served with Uncle Chin’s special sauce made from select spices like chili, garlic and ginger.


Singaporean Chicken Rice

For those who love spicy food, this ” Hot Meal” is for you, the Pak Nasser’s NASI LEMAK!!! Grab a set of this meal if you are excited already to get your hands on some spicy Malaysian food while still on board your Kuala Lumpur flight from Manila or Cebu, or you’re just simply “Bitin” and still can’t get enough of this Malaysian National Dish while on your way back home to the Philippines. Air Asia Zest’s Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak comes complete with boiled egg, peanuts and anchovies (dilis).

For those who want some western food with a kick, you must try Maan’s penne PASTA ARRABIATA. The Arrabiata sauce is made from tomatoes, garlic and chili. Arrabiata means ” Angry” in Italian because of the heat from the peppers.

For those traveling with kids, one meal that would satisfy their cravings is the the Junior Cho’s KOREAN BEEF STEW. This Korean inspired dish is served with a rich sauce and prime cuts of beef. The stew is very tasteful and is mildly sweet and the beef itself is cooked well until it is very tender. Carrot slices and a dash of toasted sesame seeds makes this dish very appetizing.

Junior Cho’s Korean Beef Stew

Korean Beef Stew

How to Order Air Asia Zest’s Hot Meals?

You can order these 4 great meals by going to the “Manage my Booking” Section of the Air Asia website at

Make sure that you ordered your meals 24 hours before your time of departure. Order 24 hours before the flight or earlier and you might get discounts for your meal.

Air Asia Zest’s Hot Meals are priced at 200 pesos each. Each meal is served with a 100 ml mineral water.

Air Asia Snacks and Desserts

Aside from the Pre-Order hot meals, Air Asia Zest also offers a wide variety of snacks and desserts which you can order on board during your flight.

The best way to end Hot Meal by ordering a serving or two of their sweet pastries such as brownies, banana pound cake, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon sticks. These treats are priced between 80 to 90 pesos.

Air Asia’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

On board, you can also order the Quick Bites chicken sandwiches at 130 pesos each, hot drinks like coffee and tea at 70 pesos each, cold beverages like bottled water, juices and canned soda and beer at a price range between 50 to 120 pesos.

So next time to fly via Air Asia Zest, don’t forget to pre-book some of their hot meals as well as ordering their tasty snacks and pastries.

You can also visit to book your tickets and to see their latest promos, destinations and other updates.

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