Airphil is now called PAL Express!!


Airphil starting March 15, 2013 will be having a new name. To uphold the services and tradition with its mother company, Philippine Airlines or PAL, Airphil will now be re-branded as PAL Express.

With the transformation, Airphil planes will now fly the colors and logo of Philippine Airlines.

Airphil is now PAL EXPRESS

PAL Express Promo

The re-branding and change of name will ensure that Airphil passengers and customers will now receive the service PAL is known for for many years now. Now, Airphil passengers, so should we say PAL Express will be treated with complimentary drinks, snacks and reading materials that are not available during the Airphil “budget” days.

Mabuhay Miles members can now also earn points by booking to any of PAL Express flights.

The change in name is not done for easily re-call but because management wants the alignment of standerds betwen the 2 airline companies. But these 2 airline companies, though carrying the same name, PAL, are different companies.

All Philippine airline planes will be manned by PAL pilots and cabin crew and others, while all PAL Express will be handed by it’sown pilots, crew and ground personnel.

They will also have their own booking websites and hotline numbers.

For PAL, they still have their website at with hotline number (02) 855-88-88.

For bookings online PAL Express will be using the website and will have their hotline number (02) 855-90-00.

For a smooth flow of their services, employees for both airline companies are undergoing special training.

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