Cebu Pacific Check in Guidelines and Tips for Passengers


Cebu Pacific is the largest budget airlines in the Philippines. It flies to some of the best destinations and major cities in the Philippines and nearby countries and territories like Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and more.

Since most of the airports are so busy day in day out, Cebu Pacific has some specific guidelines for their passengers to follow in order for them to check in as smooth as possible and for their flights not to be delayed.

Here are some of their guidelines in order to get a great flying experience from Cebu Pacific Air.

Cebu Pacific Airlines


Guidelines and Tips when Flying with Cebu Pacific Air

  1. Passengers must bring a valid photo-ID on the day of travel. These identification cards can be in the form of company or school ID, Driver’s Licence, Passport or any Government issued ID. Passengers need to present thier ID together with their printed tickets to airport security before entering the airport terminal and upon check-in. The name in the photo-ID should be the  the guest’s name that was entered upon booking. Failure to present a valid ID can lead to refusal to board the plane.
  2. Come in and check in your tickets early. Check-in counters for Cebu Pacific are open 2 hours before scheduled time of flight departure. These same counters close close 45 minutes before flight departure so better not be late or chance to be left out of your flight. A confirmed booking shall be cancelled and released to wait listed persons if the guest failed to check-in within the prescribed time.
  3. Passenger who have check in already must be at the given boarding gate at least 30 minutes before flight departure. The gates to the plane will be closed 15 minutes before the flight so be sure to be near the gate of your flight or listen carefully at the announcements of boarding. Guests not at the boarding gate at the prescribed time will not be allowed to board the aircraft
  4. Passengers are responsible with the compliance with the immigration, custom or other legal requirements of the countries that they ame from or going to. They should secure a valid passport with at least six (6) months validity from the date of departure and the applicable valid travel visas. Passengers must also have a printed copy of return or onward ticket and must be able to satisfactorily prove upon request sufficient means of financial support during the guest’s stay in the country of destination. it is also best to have an electronic copy of your tickets stored in your phones, tablets or laptops.
  5. Cebu Pacific is strictly a point-to-point carrier and will not be responsible for any connecting flight arrangement which guest may choose to make. It is best to book your connecting flights hours away from your estimated arrival on your first destination in order to have some room just in case of flight delays.
  6. For those who book their tickets online or via the Cebu Pacific Call Center, you still need to pay at the airport the Philippine travel tax amounting to PhP1,620.00 prior to departure.
  7. Passengers are advised not to bring valuable and fragile items as checked baggage. If guests check them in, the Cebu Pacific will not be responsible for the damage to those items and that guests agree that the airline will carry them at guest’s own risk.

Please follow these guidelines to avoid any complications during your flights.

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