Dates to Watch Out For To Grab Promo Fares and Tickets!


If you are a great fan of cheap airfare and promo deals then you probably notice that promo fares like piso fares are being usually launched during official Philippine holidays as well as historically important dates. Like when our country’s president was sworn into office as the 15th President of the Philippines, Cebu Pacific launched a P15 base fare!

Another example is during the 150th birthday commemoration of Dr Jose Rizal last July 19,2011, Cebupac offers P150 base fare tickets! When the Philippines celebrated its 113th years of Independence, this same budget airline had a P113 base fare promo for domestic travels. That’s why you need to know our country’s important dates and maybe you can grab a super cheap airline ticket from the Philippines budget airlines. This may not always be the case since anytime Cebupac and AirPhil can change their strategies and policies but it doesn’t hurt to try checking the official websites during these dates.

Try also to watch out during weekends, usually big promo launches happens at 12 midnight and a lot of Filipinos and visitors will be online waiting for 12:00 to strike. You may need to wait a bit but it will be worth it because instead of paying say the regular domestic flight ticket of P3,000 one way fare, you have a chance to grab tickets as low as one peso base fare during the very popular Piso Fare Promo and deals!

Oh by the way, don’t get easily frustrated when you face issues with your online booking as the official booking websites of these airlines can get so slow due to surge in their web traffic.  The machines could not cope with the thousands and thousands who wants to be among the first to score those seat sales and promo tickets. Recall and practice the age old saying “Patience is a Virtue”. =) Your patience will translate to savings!

Hope you get your promo tickets! Happy booking!


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