How Much Will You Pay For Piso Fare Tickets: Costing Details


Piso Fare Info gets a lot of queries regarding how much will you actually pay for piso fare tickets considering there are other charges added up to the P1 base fare like Philippine Travel Tax, Fuel and Surcharges, Web Admin Fee, Baggage Fee. So this post attempts to clarify the total cost of a piso fare ticket.

You of course know by now that the one piso quoted by the promotional posters of Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express are base fares. To sum it up, if you are availing of a one way piso fare ticket you will pay roughly around P400 to P550 pesos, and round trip piso fare tickets will cost you around P800 to P1,000.

What’s the ticket cost breakdown of promo fare of the two popular Philippines Budget Airlines?

The details of the costing* for Cebu Pacific promo tickets P1 base fare are based on actual booking (Cebu to Manila ) last August 17,2011 and for travel December 7, 2011. Amount reflected are One Way Fare for One Person:

Base Fare: P1 or One Peso

Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: P302.62

Web Admin Fee: P80.00

Baggage Fee: P150 for 15 kilos

Total Cost: P533.62

As a comparison, here are also details of bookings during AirPhil Express piso fare promo last September 9, 2011 and total cost of a one way fare on airline ticket that is part of Airphil’s piso fare deal is P354.00. This amount already includes a 15 kilos check-in baggage allowance.

Base Fare: P1 or One Peso

Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: P297.00

Web Admin Fee: P56.00

Baggage Fee: Free 15 kilos

Total Cost: P354.00

Piso Fare Info is not 100% sure if the taxes, surcharges and fees changes depending on the destination. Most likely they do since say Davao is farther from Cebu if you are coming from Manila. The best way to check is to do a trial booking yourself during launches of piso fare. Why not try it for your 2012 domestic travels? You will surely save! And the savings from your cheap airline tickets can go to Pasalubongs! Why not, di ba? =)

Here it is  again, Piso Fare Comparison for Cebupac and AirPhil


Now you know you know this ticket comparison! What airline will you book next?


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