How to be a Mabuhay Miles Member of Philippine Airlines and PAL Express?


Mabuhay Miles is the frequent flier  rewards program of Philippine Airlines and PAL Express for their loyal customers and passengers.

In return for their loyalty, PAL offers points for their Mabuhay Miles members that can be redeemed for tickets and other exciting items.

Mabuhay Miles can also be purchased to boast a members points.

Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles Club

Mabuhay Miles

How to enroll at Mabuhay Miles Club?

Passengers who want to become a Mabuhay Miles member can apply at any of the Mabuhay Miles Service centers located at most of the airports serviced by Philippine Airlines and PAL Express.Application forms are also available at the check in counters and airport lounges.

You can also enroll online at

You will be given your permanent Mabuhay Miles membership card after 4 to 6 weeks of gaining 1,000 flight miles on eligible published fares.


How to Earn Mabuhay Miles?

When making  reservations or booking your Philippine Airlines or PAL Express tickets, you must quote your Mabuhay Miles number to the sales agent or booking office.

During your flight check in, present your Mabuhay Card to the check in counter to earn Mabuhay Miles points. Just remember that certain flight tickets like some promo fares and Piso Fare promos are not eligible to give points. other flights that might not offer rewrds points are:

  • Industry/travel agent discounted tickets.
  • Infant tickets with or without seat,
  • Charter tickets,
  • Mabuhay Miles Award Tickets regardless of redemption cost, 
  • Unused or refunded tickets, 
  • Complimentary/Non-Revenue tickets, 
  • Promotional or highly restricted tickets, 
  • Tickets issued subject to special provisions, 
  • Tickets for items occupying a seat

How to Redeem Mabuhay Miles Awards?

You can redeem Mabuhay Miles awards as soon as you gained 3,000 Miles. All you need to do to claim an award is fill up a Travel Reward Redemption Form.

All you need to redeem your reward is to present your Mabuhay Miles card plus any valid ID.

Perks of a Mabuhay Miles Member

One of the many perks of being a Mabuhay Miles member is that you can get points that you can redeem for free Philippine Airlines tickets.

You can also use the Mabuhay Miles lounge located at various airports and wait for your flight comfortably instead of waiting at the lobby together with all the other passengers.

To know more about PAL Express’ and Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Miles Club, you can contact them at these numbers:

  • Manila: (632) 855-8888 
  • Cebu: (032) 340-0191 
  • USA/ CANADA: 1-800-I-FLY-PAL

Email Address: 

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    • Hi, Please visit any Philippine Airlines ticketing office because you need to fill-up some form manually for Mabuhay Miles membership registrations.

  1. My whole family had mabuhay cards before but got misplaced or lost. Can they be retrieved? I just came back from a round trip travel to the Phil last month and applied for another card. Will my mileage be counted since it was at that flight that I reapplied for a new card? If so can I send you copies of my boarding passes as proof so the mileage can be counted accordingly?

    • Hi Reinerio, for your concern, please contact directly PAL or visit any PAL ticketing office. In case you are currently abroad, please reach out to PAL via these Philippine Airlines international numbers:

      PAL USA and Canada (24 hours): 1-800-435-9725

      PAL Australia: 1-300-887-822

      PAL United Kingdom: 00 44 (0) 1293 596680

      PAL United Arab Emirates: 800-0630-0032 (Open 1000H-1900H daily)

      PAL Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 800-863-0020 (Open 0800H-1700H daily)

  2. Iam enrolled in your Mabuhay MILES. My card 37551194-2. Your depaerture office promised to send my permanent membership card. None had been sent since December 29, 2017 until now.

    If you say I have already sent email like this, why have you not replied or se t me my permanent card and my mileage?


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