How to Go to NAIA Terminal 3 via Commute


Good news Piso Fare friends, now you can have more savings for your domestic trips and vacations thanks in part of this tip from If you don’t want to pay expensive taxi fares going to or coming from the NAIA terminal 3, this news is for you, for we will tell you how to commute to the NAIA terminal 3.

The Ninoy International Airport Terminal 3 or NAIA 3 serves as the hub for domestic airlines such as Cebu Pacific Air, Zestair and Air Phil Express for domestic and international flights. Many people who are going to and from this domestic airport uses taxi as their main mode of transport.

Not known to many, there is a coaster service going around the airport loop, the NAIA terminal 3 included, that serves as a cheap transport for airport employees and for those passengers who are looking for cheap taxi alternatives going to and from the airport.

These airport buses and coasters are parked just in front of the line of the yellow airport taxis. Flag down rate for these yellow airport taxis is 70 pesos, but if you will take the airport coaster service, you’ll only pay 25 pesos for a trip to Baclaran or to the bus terminal located in Pasay Rotonda. The airport bus leaves the NAIA 3 every 20 minutes.

From Baclaran or in the Pasay terminal, you can have access to various public transports like the ordinary taxi, the LRT and MRT lines, public buses and jeepneys.

How to go to the NAIA Terminal 3?

 The airport bus also serves those who would want to go to the NAIA Terminal 3. They are parked in a jeep and bus terminal at the back of Pasay Rotonda. Buses bound for the NAIA terminal 3 and the rest of the Airport loop departs every 20 minutes. Airport bus fare is only 20 pesos.

So next time you fly via your Cebu Pacific, Zestair or Air Phil Express tickets, look for these airport buses and coasters and get a lot of savings.

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    • Hi Ms Mary Grace, please check po the newest 2 posts about promo fare launches baka po kasama ang domestic destination na gusto niyo. Thanks!

    • Hi aaron, from Baclaran ride ka lang ng bus papunta edsa and baba ka sa edsa rotunda.Pwede din syang malakad from the Baclaran Church,medyo malayo nga lang and mahirap kung may dala kang bagahe.

  1. from NAIA 3, ano po ang sakyan pag pupunta ka naman ng quezon city, at pag galing ka ng quezon city papunta ng airport.

  2. baba kyo ng mrt edsa station pag baba nyo hanapin nyo ang mcdonald sa likod nun andun ang terminal ng bus pa punta ng NAIA Terminal 3 or kung punuan sakay n lang ng jeep sa tapat din ng macdonald ask nyo lang ang driver kung dadaan sya dun minsan kc hindi pero madalas dumadaan din dun ang jeep me 5min nga lang lakad kc d sya mismo sa harapan ng terminal dadaan kc ang jeep pa punta ng Villamor .ai Base ..mamili n lang kyo kyo kung sa bus 20 ang fare kung jeep 8 pesos..karma yan sa mga taxi mahilig managa ng pamasahe..


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