Incheon Tourist Attractions and Travel Spot Guide


Incheon or Inchon is a popular coastal city in South Korea. It is located west of the capital city of Seoul.

Incheon is a popular tourist destination in Korea because of its historical significance during the Korean War. It was the landing site of the American Forces during the war and that event was recorded in history as the Incheon Landing.

Now, Incheon is a hub for tourists, economy and history in Korea. It is a city with a world class port and a very modern international airport. Aside from Incheon, tourists flock its neighboring islands of Yeongjong Island and Gangwa Island.

Incheon is currently undergoing real estate developments and once finished in 2015 will be considered on of the most modern metropolis in the world. The 151 Incheon Towers, the tallest twin towers in Korea is still under construction while the Korea’s tallest building, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower is now complete.

Aside from infrastructure, Incheon, South Korea is now geared towards boosting Korea’s tourism industry by hosting the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Many new and affordable Incheon hotels are now finished and are now open to accommodate tourists who want to see more of Korea rather than just the sites and sound from the capital city of Seoul.

Getting Around Incheon

Incheon, South Korea is easy to navigate. The subway operated by the Incheon Rapid Transit Corporation operates a single subway line that has train stops at top Incheon tourist spots like the Bupyeong district and Incheon Arts Center.

For cheap public transport, local and foreign tourist can opt to commute and ride the city bus going to popular Incheon tourist attractions, shopping centers and their Incheon hotels.

For a more comfortable ride, you can take the taxi while visiting Incheon’s tourist spots and attractions. Flag down rates usually starts at 2 dollars.

Top Incheon Tourist Attractions and Popular Tourist Spots

Here is a list of popular Incheon tourist Attractions that you must see and visit while in South Korea.

Bupyeong – Bupyeong is a beautiful area in Incheon filled with restaurants, souvenir shops, and shopping arcade. It can is very accessible to tourists because of the Bupyeong Station.

Arts Center– the Incheon Arts Center or Guwol-dong is a center for arts and entertainment. Popular malls and theaters are found here. Sporting events are usually shown in a large screen in the central square while some sporting arenas are nearby that houses soccer and baseball matches.

Liberty Park– Liberty Park is a park that houses the monument of General Douglas MacArthur. It also serves as a memorial for the Centennial Anniversary of South Korea’s relationship to the US.

Chinatown– Incheon’s Chinatown is the only recognized Chinatown in South Korea. This area is filled with Chinese restaurants and shops selling traditional Chinese medicine and souvenir shops.

Where to Stay in Incheon: Top Incheon Hotels

There are some fine hotels that you can stay in while in Incheon. Top hotels include Hotel Pai, Paradise Hotel, Hotel Sky and Sheraton Hotel.

For backpackers and budget travelers, it would be nice to ask around for cheap pension houses or affordable hotels within the Incheon City Limit.

How to go to Incheon, South Korea

The fastest way to reach Incheon, South Korea is by plane. The city has an international airport called the Incheon International Airport in Yeongjong Island. This airport serves domestic and international flights including those from Manila.

You can connect to the Incheon city proper by either renting a taxi cab, city bus or via the Arex train.

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