Piso Fare For 2015 Cebu Pacific – JUNE to NOVEMBER 2015


Looking for Piso Fare tickets for next year 2015? Good news because Cebu Pacific just launched a new promo that gives you one pesos P1 base fare to any of their domestic and international destinations for 2015! Booking period is until November 30, maximize this great deal if you have plans of flying next year.

You can choose to buy Cebu Pac promo tickets for international destinations such as Hanoi, Bangkong, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Kota Kinabalu, Sydney, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai and more!!! If you are on OFW who wants to go home magbalikbayan, check out this latest Piso Fare from Cebu Pacific Air.

Travel period is June 1 to November 2015. Make your flying dates flexible so you increase your chance of reserving and booking cheap tickets.

Remember mga kababayan that thousands of Pinoys in the country as well as overseas will be visiting the Cebu Pacific Official website and this can make the website loading speed so slow. You got to have a little patience, okay? Plus a fast internet wouldn’t hurt.

**Piso Fare tickets gives you 7 kilos of handcarry baggage, you can purchase additional package during booking or at a later date via Cebu Pac’s “Manage Booking” section.

Book direct at Cebu Pacific website and Pay via Credit Card, Bancnet, Over-the-Counter Payment Centers

Piso Fare 2015 Cebu Pacific


How much will you pay for piso fare tickets will depends on if you are availing of extra services like check-in baggage, seat selector, insurance,  plus the flying distance between your place of departure to your place of arrival. If you want to save, we at pisofare suggest that remove and delete the pre-selected seat and don’t buy baggage allowance if you will only carry a small bag.  Travel Insurance is also optional, it is up to you if you will want to avail it.

This promo by CebuPac is to celebrate Bonifacio Day this coming November 30 -> this by the way is a Philippine Regular Holiday.

Cheers to Andres Bonifacio! Cheers to our Heroes!



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