Tiger Airways Tiger Raw Promo Tickets Cost Details


To help out our friends and visitors like you who are curious about the promo tickets from Tiger Airways and are asking how much the total cost of a round trip and one way Tiger Raw deals from the Philippines to Singapore, we had a mock booking so you guys can see the ticket costs if you avail of the international promo tickets from Tiger Airways.


Tiger Airways has an ongoing ticket sale which you can check on this earlier post: Tiger Raw deals promo for those who wants to  fly to Singapore from November 11 to July 31,2012 , we tried to avail of the promo airfare to see how much we are going to pay for a roundtrip promo tickets and here are the total cost details:



Departure: Cebu to Singapore January 11,2012

Departure Fare: Tiger Raw Deal Base Fare: P2,599.00

Return Ticket: Singapore to Cebu, January 17,2012

Return Fare: Tiger Raw Deal Base Fare of P2,411.oo

Passenger Security Service Charge: P281.00

Aviation Levy: P77.00

Passenger Service Charge: 274

Total Cost of International Promo Ticket from Tiger Airways: P5,642.00 only for Round Trip Fare Cebu to Singapore!!!

If you noticed above, the taxes are already included in the fare but Tiger Airways have other incidental charges that we usually don’t see with Cebu Pacific and Air Phil Express (or maybe we see them but local airlines uses different names for the same charge so we don’t really notice it). These incidental charges are Passenger Security Charge, Aviation Levy and Passenger Service Charge. These incidental charges will change as the base fare changes. Be cautious when you book! Wrong click might mean you shelling out more money that’s why you must read the fineprints of every seat sale first before hitting on the click/send button.

We suggest before you book, you try to do a mock booking like we did to check how much you are going to pay for promo air fare tickets from Tiger Airways. This way you can prepare =)

PisoFare.INFO will continue to bring you the latest fares not only with local airlines but with other Asian budget airlines like Tiger Airways and AirAsia to give you more travel choices! Watch out for our updates!


  1. Hi! do you still have available seats for 2 from Cebu to Singapore or from Clark to Singapore for May 23, 2012 departure? Please let me know. Thanks.


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